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It can be so tempting it is to jump right into the creation of a new project. But after 13 years of collaborating with brands, large and small, as a video marketing agency, we’ve learned how vital is to carve out the time to create a content strategy guide with your video marketing efforts.

How to get started. 

  • This project is successful if…
    1. What are the goals and metrics?
    2. Goals defined as specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound.
    3. Where does this content enter the customer cycle: Awareness, Consideration, Decision. Delight. 
  • Understand the target audience. 
    1. How might we influence her behavior?
    2. How might we enter touchstones of her day that are welcome and useful? Add social status?
    3. What prompts her to share or talk about the work? Learn more?
  • Define the message – what’s the story?
    1. What solutions do we offer to the audience’s pain?
    2. How is the brand or product a problem solver?
    3. How do we provide evidence to the claim?
  • What’s the purpose of the film? series? campaign?
    1. Attract new customers? Delight current customers? Communicate a big new change to employees?  ie going global
  • Choose a type
    1. Founder/origin story SMARTY  MyStory
    2. Testimonial   SCORE First Team Blueground Homes
    3. Social stories / reels  Adoptimist   MINI USA
    4. Company culture videos R&S Safety
    5. Influencer Marketing Kotex  American Express   Lyft
    6. Commercial UA Medical Center  4Dress
    7. Industry led Cotton USA  The Harvest
  • Choose a style
    1. Lifestyle. Beautiful visuals that help audience see how the product fits into their life, feature high end locations 
    2. Mini-doc. More about company values than aspirational aesthetics 
    3. Narrative. Scripted content character building, conflict, resolution. Creating a journey they viewer can follow and relate to 
    4. Animation/white board. Powerful in explaining difficult understand concepts or technology
  • Humanize the message
    1. Emotional, relatable, intimate, heartfelt, simple.
    2. Create content reflective of the brand values, voice, personality, unique positioning and captures the brand essence. 
  • Creative requirements
    1. Identify key stakeholders
    2. Time box the feedback 
    3. Identify a clear purpose for every decision made
    4. Stick to timeline and budget 
  • Select a distribution channel
    1. Organic: blog, website, emails, trade shows, social.
    2. Paid advertising: YouTube, Meta, Tiktok, Broadcast.
    3. VOD Platforms: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, Vice.
  • Optimize content
    1. Make video easy to consume.
    2. Add keywords, optimized titles, descriptions, tags, and metadata. 
    3. Include transcript of video content.
    4. Create shorter cutdowns of the hero video, 15, 30, 60 seconds. 
    5. Use custom thumbnails inviting viewers to click.
    6. Include a clear, easy to understand call to action.

We see all too often clients willing to spend the time and money to create content but don’t want to create strategy. Answering these questions will offer a clear idea of what you envision for your video marketing campaign. 

Share with us and we can help you make this vision a reality.StoryInc crafts cinematic brand films, marketing videos for forward thinking brands who value authenticity, connection, and transformational relationships. Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco.

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