Janine Finney & Lory Muirhead


Janine & Lory came to us before they had written their book.


They successfully leveraged the film in social media build their community and bring the book to best-seller status.


Tasha has a heart for people and a talent for bringing their story to life. She is an absolute JOY to be around and truly cares about conveying your personal message to the world. We have received countless compliments on our My Story video, as it gives our audience an intimate perspective of who we really are. I look forward to working with Tasha in the future!

-Lory Muirhead, Co-Founder & Co-Author, The Flip Flop CEO

“As authors, creating a ‘My Story’ film was the smartest decision we’ve made, hands down! Phenomenal results! The video created a following and demand for the book, before it was even written!”

“300 visitors visited our site within a few hours after posting our video–before our book was even written. People wanting to join our ‘community’ before they even know what our community was!!! The video told our story in emotionally connecting way that touched people and made them feel connected to us right from the get go! It was bizarre!”

“Tasha and her team were AMAZING to work with! They truly cared that our My Story film conveyed our story in the way WE wanted it told, they worked with us to assure that we were thrilled! We are so, so grateful that we found ‘My Story’!!!!”

-Janine Finney, Co Founder & Co Author, Flip Flop CEO

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Janine Finney & Lory Muirhead
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