Defying Gravity 101

Defying Gravity 101


“As a Hollywood actor, I have worked with some amazing directors and working with Tasha has placed her at the top of the list.  The professionalism, expertise and charisma of the My Story team made the time enjoyable, memorable and fly by seamlessly. 

The film came out even better than my actor imagination could have imagined. It captured every essence of Defying Gravity 101 that my business partner and I had in mind when creating the company.  This refreshing and exciting experience was one of the best I’ve experienced as an actor and entrepreneur.”

Justin Key, Co Founder, Defying Gravity 101

“This is the MOST incredible thing I have ever seen.  Thank you for all of your efforts.  AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING.   Thanks…Billy.”

“Did I mention in my last note how amazing this is? It is amazing.  You are amazing.  Your passion and hard work are all over this thing.  Thank you.”

Billy Goldberg, Founder, The Buckeye Group, Co Founder, Melissa’s House & Co Founder, Defying Gravity 101

Billy Goldberg & Justin Key
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