Madly Chasing Peace

MADLY CHASING PEACE Dina Proctor GOALS Dina needed a vehicle to tell her story to launch her book. SOLUTION Dina successfully leveraged her my story film to bring her book to best-seller status. FROM THE CLIENT “Thank you Team My Story for helping me share my story so honestly - the raw message you captured has brought me many new friends and followers and has helped launch my book to best-seller status!” -Dina Proctor, Author, Madly Chasing Peace [button size="medium" target="_blank" hover_type="default" text="VISIT DINA'S WEBSITE" link="http://www.dinaproctor.com/"]

The Teen Project

The Teen Project First Team Real Estate GOALS First Team had been awarded SoCal’s #1 Real Estate Team and was looking for a way to market the news. SOLUTION My Story produced 13 spots to be released over a year. We worked with their marketing team to pool their a clients and agents to cast the spots. [button size="medium" icon="" target="_blank" hover_type="default" text="VISIT FIRST TEAM REAL ESTATE" link="https://www.firstteam.com/"]

What do you believe?

GOALS SCORE was embarking on a major rebranding and wanted to create several national spots for broadcast. SOLUTION 14 national spots were created to be seen by over 100 million people with $30 million ad buy. The spots 6 years later are still being broadcast. They have had enormous impact in helping thousands of small business and enrolling hundreds of new volunteers. FROM THE CLIENT “The My Story team captures the essence of the small business owner, their dreams, what drives them, better than any company we have ever worked with. The SCORE campaign touched over 100 million viewers.  I guarantee that you will not find anyone more creative. Their work is truly an art!” -Mark Dobosz, former President of the SCORE Foundation, Executive Director at NARCA
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