Embrace Progress over Perfection: Unleash Your Innovative Edge

Hi! I'm Tasha!


For the 13 years we’ve been in business as a video marketing agency in Los Angeles, top of the to do list was to create a blog. There was always a reason why it didn’t happen, there was always a video production to plan, a content strategy to craft, or a brand documentary to edit. We have been too tied up with client work, too focused on landing the next client, or too busy delighting our current clients. 

But, to be honest, really what was holding us back was the drive for the work to always be authentic and outstanding, to contribute something profound to the world. Write something worth reading. 

Damn! That’s a lot of pressure for a simple blog entry.
What else could we say that hasn’t already been said?

What else might we add that isn’t just taking up space?


Then I took Seth Godin’s altMBA program. Where, by design, the perfectionist has no time to thrive. Some of my best writing transpired in 10 minute chunks when there simply wasn’t the space for the critic to judge what was flowing out. Once I got out of my own way, I realized the work was good. 


Just ship already. What’s the thing that’s been brewing in you? What’s the thing that wants to come out? What have you been stewing on for years yet holding back on? Maybe it’s a marketing effort, a book, a film, that trip. Stop making excuses and make art. Then ship it. Share it. Post it. Rinse and repeat. 


Something lives inside you that needs to be born. I’m not interested in what’s stopping you, I’m interested in what’s lighting you up. Tell that story. 


Don’t wait 13 years. Let it out. Ready or not, here we go! 

StoryInc crafts cinematic brand films, marketing videos for forward thinking brands who value authenticity, connection, and transformational relationships. Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco. 

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