Have you defined your brand essence?

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How clear are you on the DNA of your brand?  

The vision, mission, values, positioning, essence, and personality.

The vision is what you are dedicated to doing for the world, the change you seek to make and who it’s for.
The mission is how you will make that change. 
Values are what you stand for, your beliefs. Your stake in the sand. 
Positioning is the piece of the pie you own.
Personality is the voice and how the world interacts with the brand.
Essence is what shapes the overall identity of a brand. 

Let’s dive deeper into these crucial elements that shape your brand.  


Vision: Your North Star

Your vision is the aspirational destination that guides your brand’s journey. It articulates your ultimate purpose, the impact you strive to make, and the future you envision for your brand. A compelling vision inspires and aligns your team, instilling a sense of purpose in everything you do.


Mission: The Path You Walk

Your mission statement outlines the specific actions and strategies you employ to realize your vision. It defines your purpose in the present and communicates the value you offer to your customers. A well-crafted mission statement serves as a compass, guiding your daily decisions and activities.


Values: The Pillars of Your Culture

Values are the guiding principles that shape your brand’s behavior and culture. They represent the core beliefs and ethics that underpin your actions and interactions. Clearly defined values establish a foundation for consistent decision-making, foster trust with stakeholders, and attract like-minded individuals who resonate with your brand.


Positioning: Carving Your Niche

Positioning defines how your brand occupies a distinct space in the market and differentiates itself from competitors. It highlights your unique value proposition, target audience, and the benefits you deliver. Effective positioning enables you to claim a specific place in the minds of your customers, standing out amidst the noise.


Essence: Capturing the Heart of Your Brand

Your brand essence encapsulates the intangible and emotional aspects that make your brand truly special. It distills the core attributes, feelings, and associations you want customers to experience when interacting with your brand. Essence goes beyond features and benefits—it speaks to the deeper connection you forge with your audience.


Personality: Humanizing Your Brand

Personality shapes the way your brand communicates, behaves, and relates to its audience. It infuses your brand with distinctive characteristics, tone, and voice. By giving your brand a personality, you create relatability, trust, and loyalty among your customers.


Crafting Your Own Company DNA:


Vision: Crafting an Inspiring Future

To define your vision, reflect on the overarching impact you aim to make. Ask yourself: What positive change do I envision for my industry, community, or the world at large? Craft a concise, aspirational statement that captures the essence of your desired future.


Mission: Bridging the Gap

Crafting your mission involves identifying the key actions and strategies that bridge the gap between your current state and your vision. Consider how your products or services solve problems, meet needs, or fulfill desires. Develop a clear and action-oriented mission statement that communicates the value you bring to your customers.


Values: Guiding Principles and Beliefs

Define your brand’s values by identifying the fundamental principles and beliefs that drive your decision-making. What ethical standards, behaviors, and attitudes do you hold dear? Create a concise set of values that will serve as the foundation for your brand’s culture and interactions.


Positioning: Standing Out from the Crowd

To craft your positioning, analyze your target market and competitors. Identify the unique attributes, benefits, or values that set you apart. Develop a positioning statement that clearly communicates your distinct value proposition to your target audience. Highlight the specific needs or desires you fulfill and the competitive advantage you hold. Remember, positioning is not just about being different; it’s about being meaningfully different.


Essence: Evoking Emotional Connections

Crafting your brand essence requires digging deep into the emotional core of your brand. Consider the feelings, experiences, and associations you want your audience to have when they engage with your brand. Capture the essence of your brand in a few words or phrases that encapsulate its unique spirit and evoke a profound emotional connection.


Personality: Infusing Human Characteristics

Start with three attributes you embody. Maybe smart, sassy and sexy? How about authentic, wise and bold? Define your brand’s personality by envisioning it as a person. How would you describe their characteristics, tone, and style? Determine the attributes that align with your brand values and resonate with your target audience. Use these personality traits to guide your brand’s communication, messaging, and overall presence.


Brands with a strong DNA:



Vision: To create groundbreaking products that empower individuals.
Mission: To bring the best user experience to its customers through innovative technology.
Values: Simplicity, Innovation, User-Centric Design.
Positioning: The intersection of technology, design, and user-friendly experiences.
Essence: Empowerment and creativity.
Personality: Elegant, minimalist, and forward-thinking.



Vision: To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.
Mission: To provide products that enhance athletic performance and inspire individuals to reach their full potential.
Values: Performance, Innovation, Inclusivity, Sustainability.
Positioning: The world’s leading sports and athletic brand.
Essence: Empowerment and achievement.
Personality: Bold, competitive, and motivational.


Crafting Your Company DNA

Crafting your company DNA requires introspection, deep understanding of your audience, and alignment with your brand’s purpose. Here’s a step-by-step approach to help you define your own DNA:

  1. Reflect on your brand’s purpose and the impact you want to make.
  2. Identify the key actions and strategies that bridge the gap between your current state and your vision.
  3. Define the core principles, beliefs, and behaviors that guide your brand’s decision-making and interactions.
  4. Analyze your target market and competitors to identify your unique positioning.
  5. Dive into the emotional core of your brand and define its essence in a few impactful words or phrases.
  6. Envision your brand as a person and determine its personality traits that align with your values and resonate with your audience.

Crafting your company DNA, sets a strong foundation for your brand that drives consistency, differentiation, and emotional connections with your target audience. 

Embrace the process of self-discovery and articulate your brand’s essence with clarity and purpose. Write your brand’s story with a DNA that speaks volumes and captivates the world. 

If you need help, reach out, our team loves talking strategy. 

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