Something extraordinary

emerges from the power of story

Hello! You’re up to something unexpected … and we can’t wait to hear ALL about it.

We are My Story Inc, a creative house that combines idea concepting, content strategy, and production into one unforgettable experience.

The best stories stem from candid conversations, genuine moments, and unscripted surprises.
Wanna tell your story?  We’ve broken it down, to give you a snapshot of how we work.

  • Take a moment to fill out our Discovery Doc, to help us understand what you’re creating, how it’s different, and how we can help you make a difference.
  • One of our project managers will jump on brief call to learn about your goals and discover if it’s a good fit.
  • If we’re both diggin’ each other, we’ll send you a proposal. As soon as you say ‘HELL YEAH, I’M IN!’ we collect your deposit and block time on our team’s calendar.
  • We kick off our project with a ‘treatment’, which is basically the creative concept behind your film. The vision, along with the nuts and bolts–the why, the how, and the what.
  • Next, we curate your team to help tell your story. These pros are selected specifically for your story based on their own personal passions, interests, and skillsets. We want you to work with people that believe in your brand as much as you do.
  • Now magic begins. Time to shoot. Your time to relax, just show up and allow your best self to unfold.




About 4-8 weeks from the concept to final delivery. This can vary based on scope.
Give us time to make it right.


“Working with MY STORY feels like you’re in a 6-figure commercial shoot … your business looks and sounds fascinating and you feel like a movie star, without the Hollywood price tag.”

-CARLEY KNOBLOCH, Digital Lifestyle Expert

Let’s talk dolla bills

It costs real money to make a real film. It takes a great deal of skill, taste, and labor to do things well. Budget depends on a few things: creative concept, talent involved, and resources available.

We operate like a lean startup, and that spirit pervades our work. Our projects include 10-15 professional artists who are top of their game. Most of our films are between $15-50K. We do accommodate lower budgets–on occasion–for the bootstrappin’ entrepreneurs we adore the most. Reach out and say hello.

Proposals include an estimate based on number of hours and the creative concept. If the scope of work increases or evolves as we engage, the investment can also change.


The team


We collaborate with a handful of supremely talented filmmakers best suited for your needs. Tasha Oldham, our founder, oversees each project to ensure it exceeds expectations.


Our Work

We expect

The more you give, the more you get, as the saying goes. Your collaborative efforts is essential to produce stellar work.

“I have a living, breathing business card, that’s evergreen. You forget a little piece of paper, you never forget someone’s story.”

-BILLY GOLDBERG, The Buckeye Group founder

We believe the best stories are like an unexpected connection,  a great conversation with a good friend over tea, not forced reading from a canned script.

We’re here to collaborate, that’s what gets us excited. We do our best work with authentic people connecting passion and purpose.

When we do that, all goes well.

We believe the best stories are like an unexpected connection, a great conversation with a good friend over tea, not forced reading from a canned script.